Wish list

The best gift is ouf course that you would come to our wedding.

We've made it easier by telling you about things that we are wishing for. We've taking this opportunity to start collecting nice glasses and porcelain since it would be nice to have things that match. For thouse who visit us, you know that we have a mis-match of things from the past.

If you like to book things as bought on our wish list, the password to log in is: thankyou

  • Most of all, we wish for a contribution to our honeymoon where will be going to the Maldives. If you want to make a contribution, please deposit the gift to our account at Danske Bank clearing number 1346 account number 0602678.

  • Coffee maker

    Our coffee maker has seen better days and now only produces a lukewarm brew. Our friends have a machine called Mocca Master that is much better then ours. We'd love to recieve one of those in the brushed steel finish.


  • Matteus plates

    We love Matteus plates and will take this opportunity to make a wish for any Matteus dinner ware. We need different sizes, big or small, are all very welcome.

  • Silver ware Indra Gense

    We have looked at silver ware and decided that we like a model named Indra from Gense. We will be very happy for each piece we recieve. We recently started to collect them (and only have pieces for serving) so each contribution would be very welcome.