Important information

Here is some information that may be useful to know:

  • Dress code

    Clothes, yes please

    Dress code: Suit

    That means dark suits for men and a dress or skirt of finer fabric for ladies.

    Dress color for ladies should not be solid black, white or red.

  • Children

    Not today

    We love your kids, but on this day we would like them to stay home.

    Children who are breastfed are welcome, of course.

  • Photography

    We will have a professional photographer and videoman during the ceremony and party. We hope to catch all of our guests on pictures - hopefully from your best side!

    We welcome your pictures too. Please be a little discreet and try to stay out of their way :)

  • Elin


    Elin is the girl that never stops. She is an experienced Toast Madame. Why? Well, she has lots of good ideas and she can tackle any situation. She has saved situations with a crashed wedding cake and other disasters. With her at the wheel, we can feel safe.

    Elin is Sara's priceless childhood friend.

    If you like to get in touch with Elin would can reach her at phone 0708-22 33 556

  • Andreas


    Andreas is Fredrik's best friend. They have been together since middle school and they had a band together in their youth. Andreas is a man of order. That may sound boring but it is far from being a description of Andreas. His laughter is never far away and he's a guy you want to hang out with. Often!

    If you like to get in touch with Andreas you can reach him on phone 0778-209923.

  • Long distance guests


    For those of you who like to stay with family we will arrange so you can stay with family members.

    If you rather stay in a hotel we have several choices nearby. Let us know and we will help you to make arrangements.

  • It's not going to be like this

    Have a good laugh

    If you need a good laugh, watch this. It's hard not to laugh with them. It's amazing what a difference waffely instead of lawfully will make.