The bridal party

Here is an introduction to the wedding party, along with some other people you may want to know about in advance.

  • Made of honour


    The bride's older sister. Sara's first best friend. They have been together through thick and thin during childhood. Not much alike, actually opposites that complement each other so well. Sofia will make sure that Sara won't get all mixed up during the wedding, which is always an imminent risk.

  • Best man


    Eric is Fredrik's best friend since childhood. They have been on many trips and adventures together over the years. What Eric dosen't know about Fredrik is probably not worth knowing.

    Eric will get married later this year so I guess our wedding will be kind of a rehearsal.

  • Flower girl


    Alice is Sara's cousin's daughter. She will be the perfect flower girl. When I was a child I was a flower girl at my uncle's wedding and it's a fun memory. I hope it will be a fun memory for her too.

    We call Alice 'The Little Princess', and she is looking forward to wearing the nice princess dress that she has picked out for the wedding.

  • Ring bearer


    Albert will be our ring bearer. He considers it kind of a strange mission, but still thinks it'll be fun. Albert's mother is Sara's cousin.

  • The mother and father of the bride

    Sandra & Victor

    Sara's mom Sandra is a very important person for the whole family. Her laughter is heard far and wide and she spreads joy around her. She always has time to listen. And she bakes the world's most delicious buns.

    Sara's father Victor is a hero. He is a patient and kind father who has been driving and picking up his daughters in various places and times of the day. Since the girls have moved out, he has grown roots on the golf course.

  • The mother and father of the groom

    Ulla & Sune

    Ulla is always calm and nothing seems to get her out of balance. She's our great support with all the preparations. She is experienced when it comes to big parties since she comes from a large loving family.

    Sune has already begun to polish his shoes and is looking forward to a fun party. He loves to dance, and play golf of course. Do not ask him about golf because you will never hear the end of it.

  • Grandma


    Last but not least, we wish to introduce Ingrid who is Sara's grandmother. She's really looking forward to this day. Ingrid mean so much to Sara and has always been there for her, and is our guest of honor.